Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress 30 in 30 – 8/22

Today’s 30-in-30: A daily quote in the month leading up to World Burn Congress from those that have benefited from the event ...

World Burn Congress 2010, held in Galveston, Texas

“Thirteen years ago I was burned 85%, lost my job (which was also my passion), independence, family role, hobbies, physical identity, and eventually my marriage. But what I’ve gained outweighs my losses. I have remarried, have two more kids (now 4 total), love my passion which is photography, and life is fabulous. Without my new family, the Phoenix Society, none of this would have happened. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

– Kevin C., California

Learn more about World Burn Congress 2011

One thought on “Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress 30 in 30 – 8/22

  1. Having been burned ( 40% 3rd degree) nearly thirty years ago; I feel blessed to have been introduced to the burn survivor community just within the past year. I feel that my healing is progressing faster now that the Phoenix Society has been introduced to my life.

    This healing is magnified by the opportunity afforded me to attend the WBC as a trainee in the advocacy workshop. The opportunity to help enact legislation to rquire all new residential building include automatic fire sprinkler devices will surely save lives, minimize property loss and all the trauma associated with both.

    Thank you Phoenix Society.

    Gordon Plouffe

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