The Phoenix Society Remembers 9/11 …

The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors will join millions as we all remember the events of 9/11 and those who were impacted that day.

As a community, we understand the significance of the anniversary date of our tragic event.  On this tenth anniversary of 9/11, we are reminded of our PS members and friends who were impacted directly by burn injuries, loss of friends and co-workers who ran to the rescue, and those who worked tirelessly to care for the injured or searched for the missing.

The healing and hope we have witnessed over the last 10 years has dulled ever so slightly the shock and horror of that day.  Stories like Ling Young, who is featured in the major documentary Project Rebirth (trailer on the right), which will premier on Showtime channel on the anniversary of 9/11.  How many times have we heard at World Burn Congress the word rebirth?  We wanted to share these links below to stories about some of our friends and organizations whom we have the privilege to work with.


Amy Acton
Executive Director

Remembering 9/11 …

National fallen firefighter’s foundation and the better angels exhibit, honoring the 343 FDNy who died on september 11. this will be on display at the 2011 world burn congress  MORE …

Firefighter Bob Beckwith was an “old man, just getting older and enjoying my retirement” before 9/11. MORE … (Note: The NY Figherfighters Burn Center Foundation was our gracious host for the 2009 World Burn Congress).

Other stories we found inspiring … ___________________

Nursing in a Burn Unit on 9/11

How 9/11 changed us: Person by person

Survivor Lauren Manning finds a “new normal” after 9/11 

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