World Burn Congress Video Diary: Neela

Neela is a first-timer at the Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress, and shares her thoughts on the first day of WBC 2011.

Check back for often videos from other attendees at the congress!

We hope you’re enjoying the live blog. Even if you’re not here with us, you are part of our community!

The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors’ 2011 World Burn Congress isn’t possible without our sponsors. You can learn more about World Burn Congress and other Phoenix Society programs at our official web site:

One thought on “World Burn Congress Video Diary: Neela

  1. Nate, u did an amazing job on this vid, it may have been short but it was definately sweet and to the point. I did not know what to expect upon first walking into those doors and having to see so many other burn survivors. However by the end, lots of laughs and tears were shed and even better friendships emerged. It’s such a good feeling seeing everyone’s smiling faces and sharing your story with them and seeing them heal. My family has increased ten fold! Thanks again Nate, Amy, and everyone with the Phoenix Society and to all those who are survivors! God Bless!

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