Behind The Scenes at World Burn Congress: Photo Gallery

Over 800 attendees have made their presence felt at the Phoenix Society’s 2011 World Burn Congress. Between food, audio/visual needs, transportation and more, how does it all get done? One word: volunteers.

In total, the Phoenix Society staff was supported graciously by over 300 volunteers from around the country, including many from our host, the Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati, several retired FDNY members that helped anchor our show office, members of the Cincinnati Fire Department and outlying fire departments in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region, many students from the Galen College School of Nursing, in addition to burn survivors and their families, along with many more. And, of course, the “AV Seals,” a team of dedicated fellas from North Carolina.

A special thanks to those involved that help make World Burn Congress happen!

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Note from the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors …

We hope you’re enjoying the live blog. Even if you’re not here with us, you are part of our community!

The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors’ 2011 World Burn Congress isn’t possible without our sponsors. You can learn more about World Burn Congress and other Phoenix Society programs at our official web site: Make sure you follow us on Facebook, too!

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