World Takes Notice of Phoenix Society’s Burn Congress

The location of the Phoenix Society’s 2011 World Burn Congress might be in Cincinnati, but the impact has gone viral, thanks to the generous and quality coverage generated by the local and even national media.

From FOX 19: Phoenix Society Executive Director Amy Acton and Mary Smith, a mother of a burn survivor, discuss the 2011 World Burn Congress, the partnership between Phoenix Society and Shriners Hospital for Children - Cincinnati that made it possible, advocacy for residential fire sprinklers, and more. Click the image to watch the video!

Below are some stories we’d like to share that have discussed the Phoenix Society’s presence in Cincinnati during World Burn Congress!

Burn Survivors Help Each Other Cope (with video)
Duane Wright, along with Rosa and Sherri Carrier, share their perspectives of the Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress with the local NBC affiliate in Cincinnati

Turning Tragedy Into Triumph
Sharon Everett shares her story with the Kentucky Enquirer as she assisted in sensitivity training prior to the launch of World Burn Congress in Cincinnati. This story quickly went into syndication, and was picked up by several other major outlets. Great work, Sharon!

Burn Survivors Participate in Walk of Remembrance
Walk of Remembrance that took place on Wednesday is mentioned by local FOX affiliate in Cincinnati.

Teachers, firefighters help burned boy ease into Sherwood Elementary
Isaac Maddox’s family talks about the benefits of the Phoenix Society’s school re-entry program, and how teachers and firefighers helped him “ease into” his school.

Note from the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors from World Burn Congress 2011 …

We hope you’re enjoying the live blog. Even if you’re not here with us, you are part of our community!

The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors’ 2011 World Burn Congress isn’t possible without our sponsors. You can learn more about World Burn Congress and other Phoenix Society programs at our official web site: Make sure you follow us on Facebook, too!

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