WBC Wrap-Up: Young Adults Learn to Thrive

WBC Wrap-Up Series: The Phoenix Society’s 2011 World Burn Congress might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done bringing you highlights of the event! Several more wrap-up pieces on the way, so stay tuned!

The Phoenix Society’s 2011 World Burn Congress, held late September in Cincinnati, OH was able to benefit the young adults in attendance via support groups and a workshop — one that included a trip to a Cincinnati Reds’ baseball game!

“They did some awesome chatting about how they’re doing and what it’s like being at World Burn Congress,” said Jess Irven, Phoenix Society Young Adult Workshop co-facilitator. “A lot of folks discussed learning that how you carry yourself is important in how others see you, and that finding your inner strength or viewpoint to project yourself with confidence is a journey but also very important.”

Commented one attendee:

“The program surpassed all my expectations! It helped me to open myself up to a larger group of people and be OK with myself and learn that small steps may be bigger for me than I may have thought.”

Blake Teddar, a Workshop co-facilitator with the Young Adult portion of the congress, remarked, “It is one of the sweetest things in my life to see these young men and women embrace their power and begin realizing that they can absolutely love who they are.

“Our mission was to have fun and give them some real and easy life skills that would actually improve their self-esteem and help them to feel good. I think we succeeded and I think it’s clear that burned people can really be whomever they want to be if they feel accepted, supported, and whole. We challenged them to not only be like the people they admire most, but to BE the people they admire most.”

Check out some pictures from the trip the group took to the Reds’ game!

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“It blew my expectations out of the water! Everyone shared and listened with love and support.” – Young Adult Attendee

Note from the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors
The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors’ 2011 World Burn Congress isn’t possible without our sponsors. You can learn more about World Burn Congress and other Phoenix Society programs at our official web site: www.phoenix-society.org. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, too!

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