Let’s all pay it forward

Where in the world is J.R.?

The media outlets below are covering J.R.’s promotion of the Phoenix Society!

Get involved by going to each, and sharing your support of our efforts by either Commenting, or resharing via Twitter or Facebook. Thank you!


Hello friends,

Like many of you, I have found myself sitting at home on Monday and Tuesday nights, watching a reality television program. This wasn’t always the case. Those that know me are aware that I take pride in spending time outdoors, appreciating colors change and largely ignoring whatever was flashing across the TV.

Leave it up to Phoenix Society board member J.R. Martinez to change all of that.

Forgetting about his dance moves for a moment (I don’t remember seeing his skills on display at World Burn?), J.R.’s presence before millions on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars resonates with us as he glides across the screen. In recent weeks, his story has been told, and retold, a countless number of times: Ellen, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers and a myriad of others. But he’s also telling our story: one we shared at Open Mic at World Burn Congress, on the pages of Burn Support News, or testified before other survivors at the many SOAR interaction happening nationwide.

The full story is not just about the trauma and tragedy, but the part where we can and do heal with the necessary support and do whatever we put our minds to!

J.R. embodies the message that our community has made possible: helping burn survivors everywhere get back to living.

J.R. is an advocate for our community. Showing the power of peer support and their personal goals on Dr. Drew, he and fellow burn survivor Jenna Bullen made a conscious decision to PAY IT FORWARD and tape the now almost viral public service announcement on behalf of the Phoenix Society — both hoping they would reach others who may benefit from the exposure by finding programs and support available though this community.

There is power in numbers, and although J.R. has opened a door, we are a community of advocates: each of you. Let’s walk through the door and share our collective story.

I would like to issue a call to (social) action to our members: On the right hand side of this page, we’ve supplied links to each media outlet that has promoted the Phoenix Society public service announcement. Please visit the articles and Comment on them with your experience of recovery, renewal and ability to return to life, or share them on your Facebook and/or Twitter pages. Let’s tell the world that the Phoenix Society community is working hard to assure that no one has to go it alone on the road to recovery from a burn injury.

Let’s seize this moment of opportunity provided by J.R., and ensure that it not only lasts, but has a real impact beyond a few week in front of the television. Let’s promote and share our collective story with our friends, family and the world!

I will be in the DWTS audience Monday with my good friend Cindy Rutter to personally shout out to JR that we are all with him and that we will also carry the message of hope and healing.

Best regards,

Amy Acton
Executive Director

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