Young Adults Meet J.R. Martinez, others from Dancing with the Stars!

On Monday, October 31st, a group of young adults who have benefited from programs offered by the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors joined J.R. Martinez at Dancing With the Stars.

J.R. is representing the burn community every Monday night before a national audience, using this platform to raise awareness for the needs of burn survivors everywhere!

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you know that each year 83,000 children are burned and over 6,000 of those injured are treated in specialty burn centers in the U.S.  According to Andrea, one of the young adults pictured above …

“When I returned to my home community, hours from my burn center, I lacked the necessary support and tools to understand and overcome challenges I faced.  The Phoenix Society bridged the gap with support and tools I needed.”

Join the effort to provide programs that assure all children and their families return to school and their communities with support. Don’t wait. . . Donate Today!

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