Staying Warm (Safely) During the Winter

by JIMMY PARKS, MS, RN    |    Support the Phoenix Society, Donate Now!

With icy gloves she struggled to turn the frozen doorknob of the cabin. She stomped the snow from her boots and stepped inside. The wind blew some of winter in with her before she could close the door. Her ears and nose were stinging from cold as she hung her heavy coat and iced hat on the rack.

She turned the portable heater on to warm the room until the fire was going in the wood-burning stove. She started the coffee in the kitchen and, by the time the aroma filled the room, the small cabin den was almost snug. She slipped on her long, flannel pajamas and fuzzy house shoes, then settled on the plush couch in front of the stove. A piece of dark chocolate and a tall mug of coffee made her novel seem richer, her cabin seem cozier.

Nice, but it’s hard to feel cozy if you don’t feel safe. Hot food and drinks, stoves, and fireplaces are all part of taking the sting out of the winter cold. They are good things! But don’t forget that with them come some additional risks.

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