BBC interviews Phoenix Society on living with a facial difference

Barbara Quayle runs the Image Enhancement Program at the Phoenix Society's World Burn Congress, and is involved in numerous other programs!

In light of the Richard Lee Norris story, who this month was the recipient of the most extensive full face transplant, the international news organization BBC reached out to the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors to learn about the challenges and resources available when living with a facial difference

The Phoenix Society was represented by burn survivor and consultant Barbara Quayle, who has helped develop social skills and image enhancement programs for the organization. The latest is an online learning course for survivors to be launched this Spring.

Appearing on the BBC podcast, World Have Your Say, with two others living with a facial difference, Barbara discussed her own challenges and those faced by others. Citing the Phoenix Society, she also talked about some of the steps to overcoming these issues.

“One of the key things, certainly for me, was an organization here in the united states, the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors that offers support and programs to help people navigate that journey back to life again, and learning how to deal with the skills of staring, questions, for kids’ teasing, and starting conversations, and going out in the grocery store and restaurants, and all the things they did before.”

Listen to the complete interview ~
Find resources at
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