UBelong! Young burn survivors share message of hope!

Celebrate this fantastic video produced by the teen group at the Phoenix Society’s 2011 World Burn Congress UBelong program.  They worked as a team to identify the subject matter of the video, record interviews and ultimately produced the finished product with the help of our expert volunteers!

The Phoenix Society’s UBelong programs take place during our annual World Burn Congress, and include a Parent Workshop and Support Group, Young Adult Workshops and Support Groups (ages 18-25), and Youth Groups broken down by age (ages 7-17), and are offered by 25-30 highly skilled facilitators from the burn care field. There is also child care for ages 6 & under.

We enjoy purposeful activities, team building, games, motivational speakers, social skills training, self-esteem activities, and more!

The Phoenix Society will again be offering UBelong at the 2012 World Burn Congress, September 12-15 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and invites your family to attend the program. Registration is required. Attendee scholarship applications are also available.

If you have questions, please contact Amy Clark, Program Director at 800-888-2876 or aclark@phoenix-society.org for more information.

Make room in your family calendar for this meaningful and memorable event!

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