Team Phoenix RISES to the occasion at Flying Pig marathon!

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For the 9th year, Team Phoenix – RISE (Runners Inspired by Survivors Everywhere) hit the pavement in early May to generate donations for the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.

Over 40 runners participated on behalf of Team Phoenix – RISE, raising nearly $25,000, and putting them over $200,000 in total money raised for the Phoenix Society since 2005!

Phoenix Society peer support programs are solely supported by the donations and efforts of members like the Everett family. 

Thanks to all the Team Phoenix-RISE members for your hard work in raising contributions and awareness that will give burn survivors the support and tools needed to thrive again!

The donations received will help support Phoenix Society peer support programs like SOAR and World Burn Congress.

Inspired by their mother and burn survivor, Sharon Everett, family and their friends started the effort now known as Team Phoenix in 2005. The family knows first hand the power of peer support and connecting to the larger burn community.  In recognition of their contributions, the Everett’s were the recipients of the Harman Award during the Phoenix Society’s 2011 World Burn Congress.

Team Phoenix-RISE is always looking for more team members. Learn more at the Team Phoenix-RISE page!

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