Director’s Desk: Addressing the Need of the Burn Community

Phoenix Society executive director Amy Acton

In a recent interview, Phoenix Society executive director Amy Acton shared how the organization empowers burn survivors and their families through peer support, education and advocacy.

Amy discussed the importance of Phoenix Society programs and services such as SOAR, World Burn Congress, and the various partnerships of the organization that have helped forge new and exciting services including peer support for the injured firefighter.

She also spoke candidly about the regular reminder that is the need of the Phoenix Society for those living with a burn injury.

“I remember one woman who had been burned 20 years before. She was very successful, had a great job … but it was a hidden burn and she never really addressed the issues she had around her burn injury. She stumbled upon us through our web site and showed up at a Phoenix Society World Burn Congress … after a couple days of being in that supportive environment and seeing others with their burns very visible and wearing tank tops, I remember seeing her at a baseball game and she showed up in a short-sleeved shirt. She was just glowing.

She stood up the next day at open mic and she said it was the first time in 25 years she had worn a short-sleeved shirt in public. She talked about how she couldn’t go swiming with her kids, and all the things she had missed over those years, and it made me think ‘Jeeze, I wish we had gotten to her 20 years ago.'”

Listen to Amy’s full interview by clicking here.

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