Phoenix Society’s UBelong 2012 – Year End Update Letter

Dear UBelong Supporter:

I can think of no greater reward for the time, talent, and dedication that has made the UBelong program possible than the knowledge that you have truly made a deep impact in others’ lives. It is because of the countless hours, knowledge, creativity, expertise, and support that this is possible. We are excited to report three years of strong and evolving programming that is UBelong.

“I have learned that we are not alone, and now have hope.”

This year 44 children impacted by burns (survivors, siblings, and children of adult survivors) experienced three days full of support, peer interaction, skills and tools for thriving, and fun! This growth is a steady increase, up from 41 participants served in 2011 and 36 in 2010. The Young Adult Workshop has also grown in reach, impact, and numbers. This year’s 2012 young adult workshop served 38 young adults ages 18-25; our largest workshop to date!  Parents/caregivers were also served in the expanded Parent Workshop and support group. One UBelong parent summed up the experience: “I discovered my daughter has self power. I am losing my fears as I see her moving on.”UBelong

The UBelong model of collaboration between numerous agencies and professionals from across the country was shared via a presentation at the Child Life Conference in Washington, D.C.  The impacts are far-reaching.

“This program helped me feel comfortable and confident. I feel like I can be proud of my scars, and I do not feel alone in this journey”

We are looking forward to World Burn Congress 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island where we will continue our work to refine UBelong to include a mix of core skills/content and creatively interwoven local resources. Looking ahead, we plan to carefully focus on additional time for small group work and simplifying the overarching program.

We thank you for your involvement and support of the program as it continues to grow and evolve.  We hope you will consider volunteering and supporting the program again. Volunteer applications will open by February 1st.  As always, it has been a pleasure to be a part of a team.

“Great experience and volunteer professionals were awesome to work with, so creative & passionate!”—UBelong volunteer

Thank you sincerely for sharing your time and talents to have such an impact on the burn community.

Very truly yours,

Amy Clark,

Program Director

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

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