Join The Phoenix Society in Sharing the Message: Burn Awareness Week 2013

As part of Burn Awareness Week 2013, the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors looks to increase awareness of the impact of burn injuries.

We want to be sure that every person that receives a burn injury is aware of the programs and support we have available for them. The success in delivering these resources to those in need can be greatly improved by your assistance in getting the message out and letting people know we are here! 

Ways to help:

–          Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  Just sign in and “like” our page at or visit our Twitter page at and click “Follow”.

–          You can also subscribe to our WordPress blog at    by clicking the “Follow” tab located at the lower left hand corner.

–          You can share videos from our Vimeo page by going to and clicking on the “Follow” tab then clicking the “Share” icon located on each video.


Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors: Public Awareness from Phoenix Society on Vimeo.

–          Click and select “share” to forward the message of hope and support that is available to the burn community.

–          Encourage anyone you know affected by burn injury to visit our website at

–          Encourage those looking for information or tools to join our online community and register for online learning at

Thousands are affected by burn injuries every year.  In 2011, over 450,000 people suffered burn injuries, and of those, approximately 90,000 of those were children under the age of 14.  Yet we also know that thousands are unaware of the resources that are available to help with the process of recovery from burn injury and trauma.

For 35 years, the Phoenix Society has been connecting burn survivors, their loved ones, and burn care professionals with valuable resources and a support network. 

Burn injury not only affects the injured, but the families who love and support that person. We also know that the recovery process is a lengthy one, and continues – long after release from the hospital. 

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors: Your Impact from Phoenix Society on Vimeo.

For these reasons, we have made a focused effort to make available resources targeting not only the survivor, but spouses, children, siblings, healthcare professionals, first responders and others who are involved in the recovery process.

Other important ways to help; you can help welcome a survivor back to their community after a burn injury by following these simple steps:

  1.  Look us in the eye
  2. Smile
  3. And say “hello”

Nothing heals people like other people.

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