Spring Cleaning

2013-03-15_10-54-34_468In cleaning out a long-ignored cabinet this week, we discovered an old letter to the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, from our then 41st President, George H.W. Bush, extending his warm greetings to the Phoenix Society’s 3rd Annual World Burn Congress, which was being held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As readers may have seen in the news or online this past week, former President, George H.W. Bush has recently released an updated version of his book “All the Best, George Bush:  My Life in Letters, and Other Writings”.  His book includes many personal letters and other personal notes written during and after his term in office.

Many of our US Presidents write personal letters to friends, family, and to private citizens or organizations, for various reasons throughout their term in office.  Although we know it is a common practice, it is also uniquely exciting to receive a letter from the office of the President of the United States.  Sad to say, the letter to the Phoenix Society wasn’t shared in President Bush’s memoirs, however, we thought we would share his thoughts with our readers.

The letter dated May 30, 1990 includes the following message:

I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to everyone attending World Burn Congress III in Philadelphia.  I am especially pleased to welcome our foreign visitors.

Tragically, every year thousands of children and adults in countries around the world lose their lives as a result of burn accidents.  Other burn victims undergo multiple operations and endure enormous pain to repair their injuries.  Yet through the dedicated efforts of individuals such as those attending this conference, progress is being made in treating burn injuries.  By studying the causes of burns to find ways to prevent them, you are contributing to this encouraging progress.  Your efforts are being supported here in the United States by significant research programs underway at the Centers for Disease Control.  As we work together, we can help ensure that important strides will continue to be made in developing not only methods of preventing burns but also techniques to treat burns.  I commend each of you for your commitment to achieving these goals.

Barbara joins me in sending our best wishes for a productive conference.  God Bless you.

George Bush

It is hard to believe that we are celebrating our 35th anniversary as the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, and our  25th anniversary of our annual World Burn Congress.  WBCblogpicWe have made significant progress since that 3rd conference, such as advocating on behalf of the burn survivors to improve psychosocial care, education to assist with acceptance and recovery, and developing a model program to deliver peer support to assist all those affected by burn injuries.  We look forward to furthering our progress in the future, and seeing so many of you at the Phoenix Society’s WBC 2013 held in Providence, Rhode Island this year. 

Warm wishes,

One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. The Bush family does care. I recieved a letter while in the hospital in San Antonio From Barbara Bush expressing her and Pres Bush’s concern and wishing me well. I posted her letter on my FB photos A nice and sincere family.

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