Phoenix Society Young Adult Volunteer Opportunity

Attention young adult volunteers! We invite you to be a part of Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress 2013 and make a difference in the lives of other young adults!

We are seeking young adults (18 to 25 years old) who are willing to volunteer and share their wisdom, their journey, and their hearts as “Peer Mentors” for the Phoenix Society’s Young Adult Workshop at World Burn Congress 2013 in Providence, RI! These special peer mentors will be accepted based on their motivation, leadership experience, and commitment to being a role model for YAW participants. 

DSC03696Phoenix Society offers the Young Adult Workshop annually at World Burn Congress. This multiple-day workshop is about peer support, self-discovery, healing, and achieving personal goals. Now, young adults are invited to give back by serving in a volunteer leadership role within this workshop and throughout the Conference by becoming a Peer Mentor. Read on for more information!

Peer Mentors will:

  • Engage participants in welcoming conversations; decreasing social discomfort and increasing group cohesion.
  • Share their stories, perspectives, and wisdom during all workshop activities, providing a “leadership via example”. Peer Mentors will be both participant and leader.
  • Encourage shy or disengaged workshop participants with casual conversation, informal pairings, empathy, etc.
  • Catalyze informal activities throughout YAW, ensuring that all workshop participants are invited and encouraged to be a part of the group at meals, workshops, social times, extra-conference activities in the evenings, etc.

Commitment includes several schedule requirements:

  • Phoenix Society volunteer training requirements [minimum (2) online 1 hr. courses] and several pre-conference planning phone calls prior to World Burn Congress.
  • Arrival in Providence, RI in time for an on-site planning meeting prior to the workshop, Tuesday evening, 10/8/13.
  • Attendance at ALL workshop components: Wednesday 10/9/13 12:30 -4:30pm; Thursday 10/10/13  afternoon support group; Friday 10/11/13 lunchtime session and afternoon support group.
  • Attendance at World Burn Congress events (such as general sessions, meals, open mics, etc.) with YAW participants.

The peer mentors have the potential to have a huge impact on attendees’ experiences, both at the workshop and beyond! You are encouraged to apply for this exciting position if you possess at least one of the following characteristics: previous attendance at Young Adult Workshop, leadership experience with burn camps or other supportive programming, SOAR volunteer experience, and knowledge of the Providence area (esp. for informal group activities).IMG_0407

We would love to share more information about this opportunity! Please contact Jessica Irven at to express interest by Friday June 14th.  In your response, please note your thorough answers to these questions:

  1. What could you offer to the Young Adult Workshop participants (and facilitators)? (Can include life experience, past community service and/or extracurricular activities, personal strengths, etc.)
  2. Why are you interested in this role at this time?
  3. Briefly (1-5 sentences), how has your burn injury influenced and impacted your life and the person that you are today?
  4. Describe your experience in the following areas: previous attendance at Young Adult Workshop, Phoenix Society SOAR volunteer, leadership experience with burn camps or other supportive programming, knowledge of the Providence area.

We will contact you via email to follow-up.  If you meet the criteria, we will set-up a short phone interview to explore your interest.

  • Ability to self-fund your trip is appreciated, however, Phoenix Society offers scholarships for attendance through the George Pessotti World Burn Congress Attendee Scholarship fund with a deadline of July 1, 2013. Apply here.

If you are interested in general participation in the Young Adult Workshop and World Burn Congress, please visit the WBC 2013 page on our website. Thank you!

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