New Friends, New Support Systems, a New Outlook on Life

After receiving severe burns to over 76% of his body, Alex Trevino faced a long road to recovery and regaining the ability to do the everyday tasks that he was used to. However, through hard work he was able to rebuild his life and discover and pursue new passions.

IMG_0048editAlex, is now a trained volunteer SOAR peer supporter at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital, where he participates in peer meetings. He believes the support program is crucial to recovery and he notes that there he feels he is able to give support, hope, and real answers to adult burn survivors.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” he advises other burn survivors. “You have so many resources. There are so many people that can help you. There’s no easy way around [recovery]. Hard work is what it’s going to take. I’ve realized the only person that’s going to stop you is you.”

Alex has also volunteered as a camp counselor for the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety (WAFS) Burn Camp in East Troy, WI. He has also opened a successful tattoo shop with his brother-in-law and has plans to open a second location in the future.

Read more of Alex’s story from Burn Support News here.

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