“Becoming an Effective Advocate” Workshop Offers Important Tips for Promoting the Cause

Becoming and Effective Advocate: Get Attention for the Cause Through Public Speaking, Politicians, and the Press

IMG_1252Brad Phillips is conducting a full-day, interactive workshop today for new and experienced advocates. (Pre-registration required).

Brad Phillips, president of Phillips Media Relations. author of The Media Training Bible and the Mr. Media Training Blog, and former ABC News and CNN journalist, is here today offering his extensive experience and renowned advice to World Burn Congress attendees interested in becoming Phoenix Society Advocates.

Attendees are learning how to attract media attention and deliver a memorable media interview, how to create and deliver a compelling speech, and how to convince lawmakers to join their efforts.

This workshop is full of energy and fun, and is teaching numerous techniques to the WBC attendees through lecture, video examples, group exercises, and demonstrations.

The “Becoming an Effective Advocate” workshop is focused on becoming a Phoenix Society Advocate and the home fire sprinkler issue, but those advocating for other issues and causes are also learning critical tips for improving their efforts as well.

Thank you to our workshop attendees for getting involved and helping bring attention to the cause!

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