Young Adult Workshop – Where are You At? Where Do You Want to Go?

Today’s Young Adult Workshop was all about where you’re at and where you want to go. YAW focused on a range of topics faced by young adult survivors, from independence and celebrating who you are; to finding your personal journey and where you want to be. This workshop brought together 18-25 year-olds who are ready to support one another, have fun, and talk about where they are going next.

Starting today, in the first part of the Young Adult Workshop, survivors talked more about the “personal journey” (celebrating who you are, but also getting to who/where you want to be). Our time together continues in activities Thursday evening, workshop part 2 on Friday (lunchtime for registered workshop participants), and during support groups (support groups open to all young adults).

Today, in two separate breakout tracks, we looked at confidence, goals, and support. One group focused on becoming role models within and for the burn survivor community. Look for them mentoring at UBelong, speaking at Open Mic, and reaching out to fellow conference survivors!

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