Talking to Children about Loss, Trauma and Traumatic Loss

When a part of our community is impacted by a traumatic loss we feel it deeply. For our friends in the fire service who have children this article may provide some support as you talk to your children about the loss of Boston Firefighters, Lt Walsh and Firefighter Kennedy.

For more information on how to support a child returning back to school after a traumatic loss, explore the resources within Phoenix Society’s The Journey Back:

Through the Phoenix SOAR program we have one on one peer support for the Fire Fighter spouses, through visits, email, phone, or video chat learn more at:

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors | blog

Talking to Children about Loss, Trauma and Traumatic Loss

Megan Bronson PMHCNS-BC

  As parents we want to protect our children and we have difficulty seeing them sad or hurting. However, in order for children to heal after loss, trauma, sudden death and traumatic loss, they need to be able to express their feelings, have those feelings heard with compassion, and have their questions answered appropriately. The following are meant to be guidelines for parents and caregivers who are looking for some assistance in how to tell a child about a loss, sudden death, trauma or traumatic loss, how much to tell them and when to tell them. These guidelines need to be individualized to your child’s particular situation and also modified for their age, developmental stage, and individual capacity to hear about the details of a traumatic event and loss.

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 To tell or not to tell: Choosing not…

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