Phoenix Society Board Member, Sarah Bazey on International Tour

Phoenix Society Board Member and burn survivor, Sarah Bazey,  is currently conducting an international tour in her role as Mrs. International 2012.   Sarah was crowned Mrs. International in July of 2012, and has continued to focus her efforts on helping burn survivors.  Sarah’s tour will feature Asia and Australia, with the first stop on her itinerary in Los Angeles, California, followed by her upcoming stop in Tokyo Japan, where Sarah will be meeting with the Phoenix Society of Japan.

Sarah’s has 3 goals as she travels:

#1 – To provide a place for people to leave messages of hope to burn survivors and their families

#2 – The raise financial support for the Phoenix Society programs

#3 – To Increase our community and encourage others to follow us!

Follow us!  You can do that by going here:   (Your messages of hope will be shared with the burn survivor community at the Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress 2013.)

Asian and Australian Tour

Stop #1:  Days 1-4

Las Angeles, California
January 1-3, 2013
Distance From Home:    1,927 miles
Total Trip Distance:       1,927 miles

Stop #2:  Days 5-7 Tokyo, Japan
Arrive:              Friday, January 4, 2013
Depart:             Monday, January 7, 2013
Event Details:    Tour and Dinner hosted by Mori & Emmy Sato* and Phoenix Society of Tokyo

JR Martinez speaks at the Phoenix Society's World Burn Congress

“I’m so honored to represent the Mrs. International system and the group of amazing married ladies they embrace,” said Bazey.  “Through my new role as Mrs. International, it is my mission to connect the burn community throughout the world –including the family and friends of burn victims and the medical community – to help others as they journey through the pain and fear associated with these injuries.”

We will continue to share some of the exciting details of Sarah’s tour as she represents “Team Phoenix” and the mission of the Phoenix Society.   Please join us in following Sarah’s appearances!